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What Is UkeFish?

Uke Fish is a customized, "ukulele filtered" search that attempts to eliminate a lot of the noise typically encountered in search results. Uke Fish only searches ukulele websites that are active in the community and that provide top quality, timely information, tips, tutorials, reviews, club updates.

Uke Fish is not intended to supplant open, wide net Google searches, it is, by definition, a very narrow prism to search on a topic, but that's where its value lies.

"One Fish, Two Fish?" UkeFish has two flavors: "Original (aka Standard)" seeks content (articles, reviews, news, community); "Songs", as the name suggests, narrows the field to sites publishing chordsheets.

Which Sites Are Searched?

We're still figuring this out. We began by sitting down and making a list of where we've typically found the best answers -- partially by reviewing sites we'd mentioned on our Tumblr. We choose sites based on quality, number of posts, frequency and recency of updates, and depth. We weren't necessarily trying to include sites with chords to the complete Beatles catalog.

We're working on narrowed category searches such as Songs, Luthiers, Reviews, etc... "working on" takes time :D

This list is still very much in flux so if you don't see a site that we're complete idiots for overlooking please let us know via our blog.